This pixelissues.com website is trying to make a summary of all the problems that have arisen with Google pixel phones (and eventually Nexus phones too), after I experienced myself some issues with my Pixel 3 and Pixel 5.

You know this sensation when you broke up with your girlfriend but still see her from time to time and kiss her again?

Well, I’m experiencing the same thing with Google. I tried to leave but, like your ex-girlfriend, there are still some good things about it, even if something is now broken.

I was all happy, using every possible Google services, merchandises, until my Pixel 3 starting to experience a big issue with its rear camera. It’s a bid deal for me because the camera is the top feature that I was using on my pixel 3, along with browsing reddit.

But now I can’t take pictures anymore, the user experience has become so bad because of this camera focusing problem.

I bought the Pixel 3 64GB clearly white on Black Friday 2018. What a wonderful phone….until….

Until I realize the mic was not working (I’m not calling much at all, and mostly use the wired headphones.

After a month I decided to tell Google and they sent me a replacement unit. That was cool, I event get the replacement unit before sending the defective one, so I could avoid being without a phone for a few days. Well, they had to secure the payment on my credit card, in case I did not send the defective phone back, but that was ok.

Pretty happy until the 13th month.

I started having weird issues (google photos not syncying, or messing up the folders, not saving Snapseed photos, etc.). That was kind of OK.

But then, I got the CAMERA FOCUSING PROBLEM. And it really started to piss me of.

Basically that rear camera has become unusable, it’s shaking like hell, not focusing where you point your finger, going back and forth… it really drives me nuts.

Where Amazon Customer Support would have either:

  • Refund the total price and I send back the phone
  • Refund the total price and I can keep the phone
  • Partial refund for the inconvenience
  • Replace the phone
  • Do everything to make me happy

Google gave zero fucks.

Like most big issues with their Pixel phones, Google denies the allegations and is not recognizing possible defects or design flaws. Even with a class action law suit, they might agree to pay in order to settle the case but will not admit their mistake.

After writing a couple of time to the Google Support, all they could do was offering a $15 coupon to be use on Google Play. I kindly refused so I don’t remove my rights to join a class action. By the way, law firm CSK&D stating a class action investigation regarding this possible camera defect, as well as another issue regarding the battery.