Google Pixel and Pixel XL (1st Generation)

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First Generation of Google Pixel phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL came out on October 4th, 2016. The 1st generation of Pixel phones received mixed reviews from the public and the critics. The phone had great camera capabilities and performance, but the hardware and the design were a bit low for such a high price.

Google Pixel (1st Generation) Specifications:

ModelPixelPixel XL
AnnouncementOctober 4, 2016October 4, 2016
Release DateOctober 4, 2016 (October 13, 2016)October 4, 2016 (October 13, 2016)
Starting Price$649$769
Storage32GB / 128GB32GB / 128GB
Display5 in5.5 in
ProcessorSnapdragon 821Snapdragon 821
Rear Camera(s)12.3 Mpx Sony12.3 Mpx Sony
Android VersionAndroid 9.0 PieAndroid 9.0 Pie
Weight143g (5.04 oz)168g (8.93 oz)

Pixel 1 Pictures:

original google pixel phone

Problems with the first generation of Pixel

The first generation of Google Pixel phones had their shares of issues. Many of them were fixed later by Google software updates. Other issues were bigger and Google had to replace the defective units.

Bubbles forming under the display

Some users had a weird bublle appearing under their pixel 1 screens as shown in this 9to5google article.

Defective microphones

Many Pixel users suffured from a microphone issue. Unfortunately Google was unable to fix the problem with softxware updates. They had to replace the deffective units.

Phone backup unresponsive and failure

Concerns about properly backing up devices, with SMS, call history and application failure.

Unexpected battery shutdowns

A software update (Android 7.0.2) was thanksfully able to fix the problem.

Bluetooth problems

Many connectivity issues, including bluetooth pairing, made some original Pixels hard to use.

Rear camera flare

Despite Google claiming it has the best camera phone ever at that time, most users were having issues with the Pixel 1 camera module at that time. Huge flare on the pictures taken by the pixel rear’s camera.

Is there a class action for the original Pixel and Pixel XL?

Yes! If you bought a first generation Pixel or Pixel XL phone in the United States, you may be entitled to get up to $500 (min $20) if you encounter some problems with yout unit, especially regarding the microphone. So, if you had a defective microphone on your Google Pixel, and filled up the claim by October 7th, 2019, you might have been contacted and/or get paid.

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