Google Pixel 6a

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Google Pixel 6a Specifications:

ModelPixel 6a
Announcement May 11th, 2022
Release Date July 21st, 2022
Starting Price$449 / A$749 / €459
ColorsChalk, Charcoal, Sage
Display6.1 inches OLED (1080p), 20:9 aspect ratio
ProcessorGoogle Tensor
Rear Camera(s)12.2MP (Wide) + 12MP (Ultra wide)
Android VersionAndroid 12
Weight178g (6.3oz)

Pixel 6a pictures:

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List of Pixel 6a issues:

Unfortunately, the Pixel 6a is already having a few problems, and users are not happy. Google seems to have improved a little bit the quality compared to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but that’s really a bummer to see all these issues on recent phones.

Has Google fixed the Pixel 6a issues?

Is there a class action for the Pixel 6a ?

No class action yet for the Pixel 6a. But Google seems to have a lot of issues since the Pixel 6 and 6pro release, so there will be potentially a lot of new class actions for those new terminals (Pixel6 and 6pro, and Pixel 6a).