Binding Arbitration Agreement

Pixel phone buyers, Don’t forget to Opt-Out of Google’s Forced Arbitration Agreement !

Do you want to opt out of binding arbitration for disputes related to your Google device?

Why you need to opt-out of binding arbitration?

In case something happen to your Google device (binding arbitration works for other google products too), you agree to resolve your problem through binding arbitration. Arbitration is less formal than a lawsuit and use a neutral arbitrator.

If you opt-out of binding arbitration, you will be able to join a class action lawsuit. This can be a great advantage, as a class action will allow you to join a group of people which have the same issues than you, and you will all be represented by a law firm.

What happen if you don’t opt-out?

If you don’t opt-out of binding arbitration, you forfeit your right to join a class action lawsuit. So, if something big happen (a defect or design flaw for example), you will be on your own.

Are class actions frequent?

In the U.S., yes. Google pixel phones already went through many class actions in the past, Pixel 3 is currently under a class action investigation, and probably future Pixels will also have heaps of problems and likely another class action.